Reference Book for Civil Services Mains:

Paper Subject Marks Paper – I Essay 250 Paper – II General Studies – I (Indian Heritage & Culture, History & Geography of the World & Society) 250 Paper – III General Studies – II (Governance, Constitution, Polity, Social Justice & International Relations) 250 Paper – IV General Studies – III (Technology, Economic Development, Biodiversity, […]Read More

Reference Books for Civil Services Prelims: Beginners & Practitioners

Books must be read only after reading NCERT textbooks Important Sources (Follow any one newspaper for news items (preferably The Hindu);one for editorial (best Indian Express); and one Business newspaper – only editorials(best is Livemint). Newspaper • The HinduOR• The Indian Express Magazine • Yojana and Kurukshetra (no need to read allarticles – read selectively) […]Read More

Blessing in disguise

2020! Too confused! Over rated with FAKE NEWS ,HATE messages and overdose of COMMUNALISM,REGIONALISM and all sort of ….ISM to make you cry ,fight for your identity ,struggle hardest to prove yourself right till the time you get tired of cockroaches(as Devdutt defines some inconsolable souls)and end up in depression and a few warriors may […]Read More

COVID-19: Life lessons

Whether we are employed or not, we genuinely lack this me time at almost the moment we sense the meaning of ME. The moment we tend to seek that consciousness of “BEING ME “, majorly, we lose this ME. Being in lockdown I was watching kids (pre schoolers and below) they have such a strong […]Read More