COVID-19: Life lessons

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Whether we are employed or not, we genuinely lack this me time at almost the moment we sense the meaning of ME. The moment we tend to seek that consciousness of “BEING ME “, majorly, we lose this ME.

Being in lockdown I was watching kids (pre schoolers and below) they have such a strong sense of themselves that they won’t allow ANYONE to cross this line of making them feel  less worthy .They are said to live their lives, have their own world filled with their people and no strangers are allowed. They do WHATEVER they  wished no one can dare to stop them  .they eat WHATEVER they loved no calorie count or social pressures of losing weight can stop them(though they themselves knows how much ).They play till they drop and the so called life lessons are already covered in that play time itself. They ask questions until you stop answering them (makes them cute and brilliant!).

Just wondering, Why have we lost ourselves or why did we made to lose ourselves to score better in the meaningless or rewardless race leading to failure .Failure for losing our real selves for all those strangers who had no place in our lives initially and finally. We all are to lead our own journey so why are we made to fight against instead of enjoying with each other. They say you won’t get more than destined so why are we made to bleed in this cut throat competition. Why did we stop PLAYING, ASKING QUESTIONS ENDLESSLY and finding our own version of answers with much rationality, why did we stop GROWING TOGETHER? Why has my own sibling or buddies became my biggest competitors instead of biggest a SUPPORT.

Let’s be that CHILD again! We may FIND our true selves again and can LAUGH and LIVE together.

Be the CHANGE! Be the LIFE! For YOURSELF and finally for ALL !

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