Blessing in disguise

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2020! Too confused! Over rated with FAKE NEWS ,HATE messages and overdose of COMMUNALISM,REGIONALISM and all sort of ….ISM to make you cry ,fight for your identity ,struggle hardest to prove yourself right till the time you get tired of cockroaches(as Devdutt defines some inconsolable souls)and end up in depression and a few warriors may commit suicide.

Human is no more THE MOST SCINTILLATING CREATURE ON THE PLANET but is a rather slave of technology, hungry of FAME  even at the cost of other’s Life, power mongering despite knowing the truth (on sustenance of power),no time for self don’t remind me of the loved ones, thinks happiness can be bought ,better say exchanged for money, and what not. We know this moral lecture coming every now and then coming from different mouths  but of not much importance as society pushed us to the PATH and leave us with no other option but to follow it( self convincing excuse)

Ah! What is happening around .Too tough to understand, grasp and digest .I wish this has been a nightmare! But alas! A bare truth …to me a wonderful truth to a large extent helping ..No ! Forcing us to think, realise and adapt to a new meaning, lifestyle and peace towards self, loved ones and nature. Those who admired ,oh boosting, of being a part of a busy world with no time for anything or anyone( don’t know what were we rushing for, SURVIVAL!).Every time seeing it harder to accept the reality and heightened on anxiety for more(time,love,fame,success,…)leading to an isolated me.

Voila! Nature is the cure! Nature has found the cure! Nature knows what to do when and how much ,to teach us a lesson and set the order to more love, care ,time and new definitions of relations, worth and peace.

Thank you COVID-19 for pushing us behind the walls and leaving us with no options but to bear each other till we fall in love with humanity deeply attached with ours and find a solace in ME vs. ME leading to a better self, nature and the association between the two.

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